Ultimo, New South Wales

I’ve always been skeptical of ordering clothing online, but thought it was about time to confront my fear.

I was so excited for my wedding day and ordered the most perfect dress from e global – and the fact that they promised to tailor it using my exact measurements was terrific!

To my happy surprise, the dress was delivered to me (Sydney, Australia) within 2 weeks of placing my order. Wow – they must know how important a wedding gown is, I thought.

I found out why delivery was so quick, not a single part of the dress was made using the measurements I submitted. + the fabric used looked cheap. I was distraught. When I tried to give them this feedback, I got absolutely no reply or acknowledgement. I learnt a very valuable and costly lesson the hard way.

In case you’re wondering – I had to go to a local Formal/Prom dress shop to find a dress quickly. My happily ever after starts now!

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